County Wexford Association of New York

Marching in St. Patrick's Day Parade

March 16, 2019

This year we have an early start and we are looking forward to seeing you all:

Please be at the Assembly Point by 11.30AM

Place of Assembly is on East 47th Street between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue.

We are behind the County Kerry P&B Association and are the last unit on the Block



  1. Shirts with advertising such as Wexford Jerseys are not allowed Business dress code is required. Green hats, sneaker, or other “odd ball” dress is not permitted. No Animals or mascots permitted
  2. Units should be in proper formation before approaching Fifth Avenue. After units get on Fifth Avenue, no stragglers should be allowed to join the unit.
  3. Leaders of organizations shall not delay the Parade by leaving their places for any purpose.
  4. No eating, drinking or smoking in the Line of March.
  5. Please proceed in a dignified manner when crossing 56/57 Street. No displays of ANY kind.

Please remember, you are on Fifth Avenue for one hour once a year and you should march with pride in your heritage and dress accordingly, business dress code is required.