County Wexford Association of New York

Calling All Organizations, Clubs and Parishes in County Wexford

Please help the County Wexford Association of New York celebrate our 100th Anniversary as we endeavour to put Wexford on the map in New York.

The Michael J. Quill Irish Cultural Center is located in upstate New York and is the future home of an authentic Irish village. In order to fund the construction of such a village, a map of Ireland made entirely from bricks, the size of a football field, has been completed with the intention of selling these bricks for one hundred dollars each. Each county association is allocated a certain number of bricks depending on the geographic size of the county. There are four thousand, six hundred bricks in the Wexford section of the map.

Our county association has the responsibility of selling these the Wexford Association is such a small group, we are respectfully requesting the people of Wexford back home and county organizations to please help us achieve our goal of being the first county to sell all their bricks! (The County Wexford Association was the first county to donate the ten thousand dollars required for the Wexford flag. We donated the profits from our annual dinner dance in 2003 and 2004. We had no money left for the Association those years but we flew that flag with great pride and honor).
Could you or your organization help us to keep the Wexford spirit alive in New York by purchasing a brick for one hundred dollars? Your name engraved on this brick could be a living memorial in the United States that Wexford people celebrate their roots, are proud of their heritage and support those of us whose hearts are still in Wexford.
Loch Garman Abu.